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The seeds of Scipio Biofuels Inc were planted in 2002 at Lake Elsinore in Southern California. As the Project Engineer for Phycotronics, Matt Snyder worked to create a comprehensive system to bioremediate the polluted and eutrophic lake, in part using a PBR to clean the water of excess nutrients. Growing the algae was the easy part. Removing the algae completely was not possible then but can be accomplished now with current technology. In addition to the system, Matt developed the studies and testing methodology for determining the effectiveness of the bioremediation system, experimental techniques, and equipment.

With the resurgence of the biofuel industry and the emergence of algae as an outstanding source of oil for conversion, Matt realized that the original design was potentially a foundation for a large-scale industrial algae cultivation system. Teaming up with Fran Wells in April 2008, Matt used the concepts from the original system as a starting point and began redesigning the system specifically for the purpose of cultivating massive yields of the key algae species that could be refined into fuels economically and renewably.

Scipio Biofuels was founded in August 2008 and our provisional patent was filed a month later. Using our own financial resources, supplemented in March 2009 with seed funding from stockholders Peter and Sylvia Girgis, our cost-effective comprehensive continuous flow system for cultivating algae is ready to make the jump from operational prototype to full scale commercial development.


Founder, Owner, and Scipio President Matt Snyder has a long history of finding simple solutions to complicated technical problems. From developing test protocols for a malfunctioning medical device to working as an R&D technician on the Airbus fuel tank inerting system, Matt has been examining highly complex systems, designing and testing more effective configurations, and achieving improved results for medical and aerospace companies like B. Braun Pharmaceuticals and Parker Aerospace for over fifteen years. With our primary system design ready for full-scale development, Matt has already started design and cost analysis of our next generation solar collector planned for operational testing during the construction of our first facility. Matt's innate ability to synthesize his knowledge of physics with the practical concerns of design, manufacturing, and cost containment is the heart of Scipio's technical achievement. Matt has redefined the algae farm into an algae factory capable of continuous high speed, high volume flow from introducing algae to the system thru storage of the resulting oils and cake.

After graduating from UCLA, Co-Owner and Scipio Vice President Fran Wells joined Hughes Aircraft Company to learn the business of manufacturing and repairing radar systems. Crediting Hughes with providing the finest practical education in Logistics and system life cycles available, Fran has worked in aerospace for twenty-four years focusing on supply chain management, configuration control, repair operations, material acquisitions, production control, lean manufacturing, purchasing, and contracts as both a specialist and manager. Fran has extensive training and experience with ISO 9001 and AS9100-B as well as SEA, a training and certification program developed by major aerospace companies for their suppliers. From pulling permits and doing bookkeeping for her father´s plumbing company, to Hughes Aircraft, Parker Aerospace, and Western Methods Machinery Corp, Fran has developed a broad range of talents and experience to bring to fruition in Scipio Biofuels.